Cassandra Helton, owner of The Closet and author behind the popular lifestyle blog The Cassandra.  The Closet is a popular boutique located in St. Augustine, Florida, which has developed a cult following in the five years since it opened.  Her lifestyle blog, The Cassandra, chronicles Cassandra’s daily life including her fashion designs, travels and culinary adventures and receives approximately 5,000 unique viewers per month.  You can view The Cassandra at http://cassandrahelton.com.

TheCassandra was started after a move from St. Augustine, Florida in 2009 as a way for her family and friends near and far to stay in touch with what she is up to.  Since that time, Cassandra spent a month in Brooklyn, a year in Maine, and a year in California between Venice Beach and San Francisco, exploring the beautiful coast. From there she took a cross-country adventure back to Florida and up to Ohio where she took care of her great-grandmother, took excursions, and dreamed away. Puerto Rico is currently her home, working with one of her oldest and dearest friends at The Ann Wigmore Institute, soaking up the sun, palm trees, and peace.

You will find her posting about personal adventures and musings.

Other things she is likely to post about:

Family, Friends, Designers, Sweet Shops, One-of-a-Kind Pieces, Vintage, Recycled Fabrics, Music, Food, Random Acts of Kindness, Inspirational Quotes, Boho and Hippie Fashions, Lace, Satin, Silk, Velvet, Slips, Owls, Animal Prints, Feathers, Buttons, Love, Pekingese, Animals, Animal Totems, Paint, Paintings, Art, String,  Sunshine, Water, Music, Art, Hunting for Clothing, Traveling,  Astrology, Mythology, Reading, Listening, Puerto Rico, California, Saint Augustine, Ohio, Maine, NYC,  and the List shall go on.



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